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That’s me, Mark Appleton, and I’m passionate about working with creative businesses to



I thought, wouldn't it be great if there was a defined process on how to grow a creative agency?

How much easier would life be if we could introduce proven processes, systems and procedures?

While the owner is passionate and driven, I’m the details man, the one who makes those ideas a reality, in a profitable way.

Having been there, done that, lost and won the t-shirt, I’m uniquely positioned to help your creative business thrive in these testing times.

Whether you are working with a small team or planning global domination with tens, even hundreds, of staff. I can help increase your profitability with a proven roadmap to growth.

I will always ask why to the most important questions. And your agency will prosper as a result.

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10 Ways To Ensure Your Agency Is Ready For Growth

  • Learn why resourcing, estimating and project costing cause so many headaches, and how to do them correctly.
  • Discover why contracts, statements of work and other documentation is so important to the running of your agency.
  • Find out why tracking projects and financials are crucial to improving cashflow and profits.

Be Ready For Anything with The Agency Advantage - Creative Industry Consultants


Make sure you are ready to face whatever opportunities come your way, that you are in a position to grasp them with both hands and take full advantage of them.

Whether you want to increase your efficiency as a business, improve the bottom line, branch out, put a management team in place or step up to CEO, I'll make sure you and your business are fully prepared.

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Our guest blog is from Simon Collard, owner of November Fridays. Simon was the former CFO at TMW and is a chartered accountant who has specialised in marketing services for 20 years. Via November Fridays he provides FD Consultancy as a service.


“Bargains! Get your bargains here!” Everyone loves a deal or to think they have got a deal and when most people think ‘deal’ they think ‘discount’.


In the agency world, the market has to be the toughest I've seen it in a long, long time. More agencies are entering the market, more companies are bringing resources in-house, more groups are buying up more independent agencies and now you have the consultants getting in on the act, starting agencies of their own.