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What We Do


The Agency Advantage works with digital agencies of all shapes, sizes and specialisms as well as people looking to start their own digital agency to grow your agency and increase your profits.

  • Grow your agency
  • Increase profitability
  • Track project and business financials simply and efficiently
  • Create robust processes and procedures that help not hinder
  • Ensure things like resourcing, project/programme management function, flow of work through the agency is clear and efficient
  • Create clear, simple, tailored and robust documentation and templates
  • Put a stop to staff and/or client churn
  • Help with your position in the market
  • Help with the opening of further offices
  • Know the outsourcing options that exist and the do’s-and-don’ts
  • Help the Owner/CEO/MD to step out of or into the business
  • Have a mentor/guide to call upon for help, decisions etc.

Whether you are at the beginning of things and looking to start a digital agency or grow your current agency, prepare it for sale, change direction or make it run like a slick, well-oiled machine, I can help.

With over 17 years in the digital agency space, and some time on the client-side for good measure, I’m in a good place to help your digital agency reach the next stage on its path.

Alongside this I work with Managing Directors who are looking to take the step up to CEO; do you have the right team in place to enable you to do this? Is your agency in a position to enable you to make this step? What do you need to do? How will it work once that step has been made?

How We Do It

The process I follow concentrates on the goals you want to achieve, eliminating the problems:

What’s the goal(s) you want to achieve and why?
Arrow Down, Right
How are the solution(s) performing? Have they exposed other goal(s)?
Arrow Right
What’s stopping you achieving the goal(s) and why?
Arrow Up, Left
Arrow Down, Left
Solution(s) to help you achieve the goal(s)


Free Report For Digital Agencies - The 10 Things That Need To be Right To Ensure Your Digital Agency Is Profitable And Ready For Growth






My name's Mark and I've been in the digital space for over 17 years in a career that has spanned design, UX, development, solutions architecture, project and programme management, operational and MD roles.

I've worked at and helped agencies of all shapes and sizes from marketing, build only and full service and agencies of a handful of people to global agencies with 200+ in each office.

In my career I've learnt many things the hard way and had some excellent teachers too. All this knowledge and experience I've put together to pass on to you and your business.

I also own and run Resolving Digital - providing digital solutions to business problems.


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Free Report For Digital Agencies - The 10 Things That Need To be Right To Ensure Your Digital Agency Is Profitable And Ready For Growth