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I'm Mark, former owner of The Agency Advantage & Resolving Digital

These days I work for Door4 and provide support to various organisations on an ad-hoc, non-executive director or other basis

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Currently you can find me at Door4, a full service technology company based in Burnley and Manchester.

If you're looking for the freebies that were available from either The Agency Advantage or Resolving Digital, you can find these, free, on this site.

If you're interested in speaking to me about how I can help your business in some capacity, why not find me on LinkedIn and we can chat.




Looking to increase your agencies project margins? Why not check out the Project Margin Increaser for just that purpose.

Want a report on ways to improve the running of your agency?

Looking for a new digital partner? Obviously you should speak to Door4 first, but you can also use this handy comparison tool I've created.

Sick and tired of your projects overrunning? Had enough of not knowing where your projects are from one day to the next? Are you making money? Could you improve? My free tracking sheet spreadsheet will show you how easy it is to track your projects and ensure your estimates are good and projects remain on track. Of course, you could always pay a few hundred pounds per month for a complicated, time consuming system to do the same thing...